The Daily Creative.

A chronicle of creativity.

Everyone could use a mental refresh now and then; it’s like a strong cup of coffee in the morning. Consider this, what if 10 minutes a day of intentional creative thinking outside of your normal routine could significantly boost your cognitive behaviors and your mood?

Enter in The Daily Creative, an strategically creative daily habit workbook.

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The Daily Creative

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Get access to 31 days of custom creative prompts paired neatly with music and a timer.

Why Should I Use This Book?

Feeling stuck or in need of an extra shot of caffiene in your daily life and projects? This workbook provides you with a way to engage your day with a strategic creative prompt, starter designs, music, a short timer, and a directive: make each day count and have fun. Get ready to intentionally create a boost in your mood and productivity in just 10 artful minutes!

3 Things About This Workbook

  1. It helps guide you to creating a daily habit.
  2. It comes with a handy web app to make it even easier to start your chronicle.
  3. You don't need to be an artist to make this work for you.

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Sample Pages

  • How To Use This Book.
  • Day 6.
    An educated mind.
  • Day 21.
    Something wicked this way comes.
  • Day 26.
    A good day to bring an umbrella.

About The Author

Nicole Pribicevic
Author, Designer, Marketing Professional

Nicole has embedded herself within the creative and marketing field for more than 17 years. Her self-made journey has taken her from the bottom to working with some very well-known names in beauty, technology, education and more. Creativity, learning and self-improvement are a constant in her life and career; and Nicole is now sharing her experiences, and creative thoughts and processes through eBooks and workbooks. Currently residing in Oklahoma, Nicole and her family enjoy being outdoors, lake trips, and the amazing world of technology; though not necessarily at the same time.

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